Our Mission

A serious, advancing life-limiting illness can be a difficult condition to confront, let alone to talk about. We're here to tell you you're not alone. We understand and we're here to be the 24/7 team you not only need but deserve.

 At 24/7 Team Care Hospice we aim to celebrate the sanctity of life by providing compassionate care and the highest quality medical, emotional, social, and spiritual care. Empowering those we serve to have the quality of life options that afford them comfort and dignity.  

What Makes Us Unique

  •  We are bilingual to serve the Spanish speaking community. 
  • Founded by our veteran husband and father, 24/7 Team Care Hospice is a strong family owned and operated company.
  • With 3 licensed nurses and a manager from a county hospital, our immediate family are all committed members of the medical field and dedicated to helping others.
  • Our 24/7 team shares the same commitment and compassion as our family to provide the best care on the west coast.
  • We have a large geographic footprint in the Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, allowing us to serve clients seamlessly from county to county.

Message from the Founder

I have learned many valuable life lessons being in the medical field for the last 25 years, starting as an army medic to the hospice nurse I am today. I learned to cherish the time we have with our loved ones. I am grateful to be working close with my children who decided to follow in my footsteps and become licensed nurses like myself.

Over the years, I've realized how much our parents sacrificed and worked so we can have the life we live today. Our elders   nurtured and raised us. Now is our time to give back and provide them with the care they deserve. If you are considering any hospice care, I invite you to call me personally at (819) 284-9929.

-Oscar Cauchi

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24/7 Team Care Hospice

4220 East Los Angeles Avenue Suite 101 Simi Valley, California 93063, United States

Available 24/7: (818) 390-7654

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